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Alfa GTV6 Coolant Fan Switch

 Alfa GTV6 Coolant Fan Switch

The Alfa Romeo GTV6 uses a coolant fan switch in the radiator to turn the fans on and off.  This 2-prong switch is located on the driver's side of the radiator, just above the lower radiator hose. When the temperature of the coolant leaving the radiator reaches a set point, the contacts close in the switch and fans turn on.

Alfa GTV6 Radiator Fan Switch

The thermostat on an Alfa GTV6 begins to open up at 176°F (80° C).  The coolant fan switch in the radiator turns the fans on at 183.2° - 190.4 ° F (84-88° C).  A coolant temperature sensor in the thermostat housing controls the temperature gauge in the car and turns on the overheat warning light at 221°F (105°C). 

Alfa GTV6 fan switch washers

My Alfa GTV6's radiator coolant fan switch is marked to turn on at 187° F (86° C)  and turn off at 169°F (76°C). When you install this switch, use a new 22MM aluminum sealing washer. By the way, this is the same size as the GTV6's oil drain plug washer, so you may have one. The wrench size is 1 1/8 inch or 29mm. Alfa Romeo also recommends using anti-seize on the threads to help sealing.

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Radiator Cooling Fan Switch Specs

  • Temperature: 183.2 - 190.4 ° F (84-88° C)
  • Tightening Torque: 14.5 - 18.1 (20 - 25 Nm)
  • Wrench Size: 29mm or 1 1/8 inch
  • Thread Size: 22x1.5mm Thread size
  • Sealing Washer Size: 22MM Aluminum
  • Sealant: Anti-seize
  • Alfa Romeo Part Number: 60506988

The good news is this 2-prong switch is a common design and used by other car companies like Fiat, VW and Audi, so it is readily available. Note, you may have to modify your connector to use a non-original one. Also, be careful to match the temperature specifications. 

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