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Alfa GTV6 Cooling System Specs


Alfa GTV6 Cooling System Diagram
1 Thermostatic valve, 2 Water thermometer sender and thermal switch for coolant temperature warning light, 3 Heater, 4 Heater valve, 5 Heater valve control, 6 Coolant temperature warning light, 7 Coolant thermometer, 8 Radiator, 9 Electric fan, 10 Electric fan thermal switch, 11 Pump, 12 Header tank, 13 Header tank cap, 14 Electric fan relay

When you are doing work on the cooling system of your Alfa GTV6, having the specs come in handy.  To save you time, here are some of the ones I've needed to find in the middle of a job. .

You will note that there is an Alfa Romeo recommended a coolant system sealant.  In the old days, OEM manufacturers would add a coolant sealant to help seal the system on brand new cars!

Alfa GTV6 Cooling System Specs

GTV6 Coolant Capacity: 

  • 3.2 gallons / 12 liters

GTV6 Radiator Testing Pressure

  • 15.6 psi (1.1 bar)

GTV6 Radiator Cap Pressure Rating

  • 12.8-15.64 psi (.88- 1.08 bar)

GTV6 Thermostat Temperature

  • initial opening: 180-185°F (81-85°C)
  • fully open: 200°F (95°C)

GTV6 Radiator Fan Cut-In Temperature

  • 185-190°F (84-88°C)

GTV6 Coolant System Tightening Torques

 Water Pump Retaining Bolts

  • 6-6.9 lb/ft (8.1-9.3Nm)

Water Temperature Transmitter on thermostat housing

  • 14.4-18 lb/ft (20-25 Nm)

Engine Temperature Sensor on thermostat housing

  • 10.8lb/ft (15 Nm)

Thermo-time Switch on thermostat housing

  • 21.6lb/ft (29 Nm)

Radiator Cooling Fan Switch

  • 14.4-18 lb/ft (20-25 Nm)

Anti-seize Thread Sealants:  

  • Water Temp Transmitter, Engine Temperature Sensor, Thermo-time Switch threads  on                       thermostat housing.
  • Threads on Cooling Fan Switch in Radiator

Cooling System Sealant

  • Arexons Sealing Powder 4.5 oz (12grams)
  • Alumaseal Powder


Alfa Romeo GTV6 Cooling System Diagram

Source: Alfa Romeo Service Manual, 1981 NA GTV6 Technical Specifications

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