Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Welcome to My GTV6 Website


1982 Alfa GTV6

Welcome to my Alfa GTV6 website! This place is dedicated to my Alfa Romeo GTV6 and helping others keep their GTV6 on the road. I've owned my GTV6 since 1986, but I parked it 20 years ago when my son was born. So now the time has come to start enjoying my car again. But time hasn't been too kind, so follow along as I get my car road worthy again. We'll have plenty of tech and info to help you, too!

Thanks for visiting!



  1. Hey Chris - been trying to comment, but it doesn't seem to be working.

    1. Hi, Thanks for the note and sorry for the hassle. The comments go into a moderation queue to protect us from the zillions of spammers out there. I get a notification and then I manually approve them. I must have missed the notice. Sorry about that. Thanks again for the comments.